On-site evaluations

On-site evaluations

Without your facility being professionally evaluated for all facets of safety and security, having a training seminar for your team is rendered useless.

*PUA will do a full threat assessment and will do a multi-point evaluation in the following areas:

  • Walk-though Ingress and egress of you facility to help plan exit strategies in case of emergencies.

  • We address your facility with you.  Whether its congregational, conventions, meetings, concerts, schools, government complexes... Right down to door, windows, lights, camera and two-way communications.    

  • Traffic flow- In case of emergency, your security team will have the sometimes daunting task of ensuring the safety of everyone in the facility. Only by having a solid policy for evacuation or returning to the interior of the facility. 

  • Background checks (optional)- For those Institutions who have already fully screened volunteers working in sensitive areas, such as the security team in faith based organizations, or security at concert, convention and any gathering element that could be a target.  *An extra fee applies to use this service.

  • For Faith based organization... Sanctuary layout- Whether your sanctuary has fixed pews or movable seating, PUA can help you and your church or synagogue design a customized “safe zone” to protect your congregation and clergy.

  • Protection of the offering- It’s something many houses of worship don’t consider a vulnerability, but it certainly is. 

  • Legal consultation (optional)- This feature is not an offer of legal aid. It is a consultation with an attorney in your state who is familiar with issues associated with your specific situation.