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You hear, see and read about it every day; another mass casualty assault on a church, synagogue or school. Innocent lives are taken, families are devastated, communities are shaken to the core. An act that is borne of an ancient evil, which can only be stopped by using Gods people who are called to stand in the gap to Protect Us All.

In 2017 Three experienced church security specialists and one former U.S. military intelligence officer had an idea. This idea was that no person should have to fear for their lives while worshiping, going to school, or anyplace that we gather . As Americans of faith, we serve, we pray, we sing, we celebrate, we teach and we sacrifice all in the name of love for our God and our brothers and sisters. Yet increasingly, there are those whose evil intentions are to discourage and intimidate congregants, students and anyone who wishes to gather.

Those of us at PUA have had enough. We are also tired of reading the headlines. We’re tired of the body counts and having to hear the same old story about the evil, insane individual and the postulating about the motive. Again, we know that answer. We intend to fight this battle by arming those charged with protecting faith-based institutions with state-of-the-art techniques designed to give protectors the best chance of avoiding the conflict altogether. If that cannot be accomplished, the training provided by PUA in the areas of threat assessment, positioning, crowd control and ultimately, physical techniques (up to the responsible and effective defensive use of firearms) will help assure the best possible outcome for your faith-based institution.

Protect Us All provides a solid threat assessment, followed by real world training. No matter where you are within the United States, PUA will welcome you into our family and provide you with not only excellent, professional training, but the knowledge that we are a group of faithful men and women who have come together for the right reason; to enable you and your families to worship, study, and congregate in peace and safety.